The family company in third generation focuses on the essential: To create independent products of value with a passion for leather and with the love of grown craftsmanship "made in Germany".

   Bernd Michael Ostwald, the creative mind behind OWA, grew up in the traditional and family-owmned manufactory for leather. Since the 1920s, leather was treated by hand in the   "Oberfränkische Schäfte- und Schuhfabrik" of his grandfather, Bernhard Ostwald.  With the reconstruction in Germany, the desire arose to combine tradition with modernity.  Thus a new brand "OWA" was established in 1950 in Nuremberg, Germany.

   OWA means three generations of passion for leather with a deep love of grown craftmanship. The brand stands for an architectural design with sophisticated constructions. Contemporary elegance in fusion with urban avant-garde.  

   Elaborate hand-made details and high-class tanned leathers creating unique handbags and accessories. Our brand represents "made in Germany" with its high artistry, contemporary glamour and traditional fine craftmenship.


   All bags and accessories are designed in companies' own studios and handmade in own workshops from italian top quality tanned leathers.  Every step it carried out by hand. Each OWA creation is a unique work-of-art with a lot of passion for perfection.

  We take great care and pride in our work and unconditionally believe in the value of our products. As an indication of the uniqueness and exquisitely of our crafted luxury bags, a high-quality metal-tag engraved with the serial number is affixed inside the bag.